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01 August 2005 @ 12:27 am

I haven't been on livejournal in a while, sorry about that. Just kinda forgot, it's easy to forget.

I am being such an emo kid...Collapse )

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10 July 2005 @ 09:35 pm

I went CD shopping again. I love buying music, it's fun. And only costs about $20 a week. Not bad, I'd say.

This week's loot:

The Cribs - "The Cribs" (so so so cool and retro-y. It's so catchy. Makes me feel happy.)

Bjork - "Debut" (Bjork is a goddess. This is fact.)

I've been trying to find a copy of Generation Terrorists off of ebay. Strangely enough, the auction I was watching over I get outbid on within ten seconds of it ending, but the auction I forgot about for three days expired with no-one bidding on it. Ebay sucks. The Manics suck for letting the album go out of print. Damn them....

I've only got one more week of summer school left. Yay. No longer shall I be kept in a classroom where the students scream all the time and talk about how they got drunk... 

Urgh, we have to read this stupid stupid book about a girl who's raped and *gasp* isn't popular anymore. She angsts and angsts. She still hasn't stopped angsting! Writing a halfway decent essay on this peice of shit teenie 'novel' will be hell. 

Current Music: Bright Eyes - "How Many Lights Do You See?"
03 July 2005 @ 03:53 pm
Two happy things happened today:

1. I went CD shopping! Aiiiiiie!

I loooove music.

I went to Tower Records, and dug through import clearances and used music. I ended up getting:

Siouxsie & the Banshees - "Peepshow" (awesome awesome awesome! The only CD I've listening to yet)
Patrick Wolf - "Wind in the Wires" (couple of people said he was good, and he looks like he's good)
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - "BRMC" (love their singles... they pwn)
Gravy Train!!!! - "Hello Doctor" (was emailed a few of their songs by the lovely Lauren. And they ruuuule.)

2. Gravy Train!!!! are coming to Atlanta. And tickets are $8. Talk about timing, a week ago I never knew they existed!

*hyperstation does happy happy joy joy dance*
Current Music: Siouxsie & the Banshees - "Scarecrow"
29 June 2005 @ 05:15 pm

By limitedbythesky

pink & the hypochondriacs Stats

Formed: 29th June 2005
Split: 6th March 2008
Best Album: 'Eel Glob Trotyl Chirmed' 1/10 in the NME
Best Single: 'Tsadis Vanillic Jackpots' 7/10 in the NME (Single of the Week 15th September 2005.)
Records Sold: 45,734 in total (21,605 albums, 24,129 singles).
Reputation: Unknown
Groupies: cancer0us reportedly beat sternentier to within an inch of their life after the pink & the hypochondriacs keyboardist refused to fuck them. sequinhat and hyperstation were more than happy to compensate for any ill feelingS.
OtherIn a press release pink & the hypochondriacs manager hyperstation responded to recent
criticism over the band's song 'Mistypes Shotts Somewise Sufflate Bravoed Epistles' by calling the general public a bunch of tone deaf cunts.

pink & the hypochondriacs Member Profiles


shuck_that_jive suffered a prolonged attack at the hands of a group of elderly women, who treated the pink & the hypochondriacs singer to a few well placed kicks to the groin. It is safe to say that shuck_that_jive is becoming more of a public hate figure than Hussein ever was.


During live performances by the pink & the hypochondriacs, the sound engineer has to turn sequinhat down below the backing vocals to stop the group as a whole from surrounding overly horrendous.

hyperstation seems to be more capable at using their bass as a weapon than a musical instrument.

smittehc's time signatures were so obscure that at one point Radiohead were trying to poach him. This was before they released that smittehc was just shite at keeping time.

Learning your trade from a withered old church organist is one thing sternentier, but fucking her on the altar is something else altogether!

Single Releases

# Title Date
22 Tsadis Vanillic Jackpots Sep 2005
32 Zamias Nov 2005
98 Mistypes Shotts Somewise Sufflate Bravoed Epistles Dec 2005
N/A Nobbily Lenience Dec 2006
N/A Uttered Staccati Jan 2007
N/A Conveyed Overripe Lynchers Quinsies Debaters Snobs Feb 2007

Album Releases

# Title Date
68 Pillowed Chiasmas Screwy Jun 2005
N/A Eel Glob Trotyl Chirmed Nov 2006

northern ireland's worst

29 June 2005 @ 04:48 pm
Now that I'm going to be a junior, I get to study for the ACT and SAT, and also hunt the colleges that will determine my future, haunt me for the rest of my life, and other unpleasantries.

I've become intrested in these schools:

Birmingham-Southern University (Birmingham, AL)
Centre College (Danville, KY)
Eckerd College (St. Petersburg, FL)
Hendrix College (Conway, AK)
Lynchburg College (Lynchburg, VA)
Millsaps College (Jackson, MI)
Elon University (Elon, NC)
College of Charleston (Charleston, SC)

I've kinda deceided that I want to go to a small co-ed liberal arts school with programs in the classics (or at least Latin) and history. But it has to be in the South. So I'm going to try to get this list down to five colleges and visit them.
Current Music: Joy Division - "She's Lost Control"
06 June 2005 @ 07:14 pm
For my summer camp, I have to get with a band, we choose a song and cover it, while at the same time taking extensive lessons on our instrument and how to play live, record, and RAWK.

Our band will knock everyone's collective socks off. We're going to play Friday I'm In Love by The Cure. I'm thinking that since the bass isn't bad at all (I have to tune the bass lower but that's really it), and we don't have a real vocalist, that I might as well sing too. I know all the lyrics anyways.

ps- The bass instructors rule so much. I adore bassists, they're so odd. There's only about nine bassists in the camp (like 30 guitarists though). There's about five drummers, and three can't play. I got one that can play. RAWK ON!
Current Music: Cursive - "Herald! Frankenstein"
02 June 2005 @ 02:08 pm
I was really bored, so to convince myself that I hadn't forgotten my Latin I just declined five nouns... God I am hopeless. I decline nouns for my amusement!
01 June 2005 @ 06:31 pm

The Bright Eyes concert was just phenomenal.

Some rap group named Airborne Audio were first, and they were actually really good. It was all electronic, one guy was just clicking around on his ibook the whole time. I have no idea who recommended them, not very similar to Bright Eyes...

The Faint were fabulous. It was so energetic, everyone was dancing. Their guitarist was headbanging and their bassist was going mental... It was soo good. They played most of Wet From Birth, maybe two songs from Danse Macabre and a couple early ones. Southern Belles was soooo good. God, it was like a rave, everyone was stepping on eachother, no-one really cared though. I lost my waterbottle dancing, but I keep going anyways. They even had a cello player and a violinist. It was sooo good but it seemed so short!

Then they took down all of The Faint's stuff and put up Bright Eyes' gear.After about a half hour Nick Zinner went onstange and starting warming up. He is so pretty that it's insane. He's like... perfect. Then the rest of the band walks onstage. They had two drummers. At first Nick was the only one playing guitar, then Conor picked up a guitar too. The celloist and violin player walked back on stage, and there was also a keyboardist/trumpeter. And a bassist, of course. They opened with Time Code. After the first song, Conor walked over to this group of three girls near the stage that had these glow in the dark bracelets on. He asked the girls if he could have one, and they each gave him one, and he wore them for the rest of the show. They played a good deal of Digital Ash. While they were playing, Conor would walk up to Nick and lean on him so that they were playing guitar facing each other. The whole two durmmers at the same time thing absolutely ruled. Conor was talking about how the next song was a love song for everyone, especially for the keyboardist, I think his name was Nate, who got no recognition and was happy having no recognition so he told the audience to cheer for Nate. Many cheers and shouts of "You rock the keyboard!" were heard, and they played Take It Easy. But then they ended, and everyone walked offstage. Right before the encore Nick walked onto stage and took pictures of the audience. The band, except for Conor, walked back onstage. They got into this jam, and at the last moment Conor walked back on stage. They did Lover I Don't Have To Love, which actually really suprised me. For the last song, Easy/Lucky/Free Conor jumped into the audience and kept singing while he stagedove. He got back onstage, climbed onto the moog and sang the last bit of the song from the moog. It was just so incredible. But that was the last song.

God it was such a good concert. Concerts like that make standing upright for six hours straight soooo worth it.

Current Music: Neutral Milk Hotel - King of Carrot Flowers
01 June 2005 @ 11:48 am
30 May 2005 @ 09:59 pm

The Bright Eyes show is tommorrow! They were playing two dates in Atlanta but I only bought tickets for tommorrow. God Bright Eyes is brilliant live. I'm sooo excited.

*dances around room*

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